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Buy Ghirardelli Chocolate Chips In Bulk 2021

Nestle Toll House chocolate chips have been the stuff of fond childhood memories for generations. Find their bulk baking chips in our inventory with semisweet and white chocolate options in the standard and mini size. Browse milk chocolate chips, bittersweet 60% cacao chips and Barista Dark Chocolate mini chips from Ghirardelli. Other national brands you'll find here include Merckens melting disks and a variety of Ambrosia wholesale chocolate options.

buy ghirardelli chocolate chips in bulk


Buy chocolate chips in bulk and be sure to never run out of this sweet staple. From 12-count cases of 10-ounce bags to nearly bottomless 50-pound boxes of chocolate chips, you'll save big on our wholesale chocolate. Whether you're stocking your retail bakery or stocking up for the holidays at home, you can feel good about choosing the bulk chocolate chips for sale at Round Eye Supply. This dry goods staple features a long shelf life and endless possibilities for creating yummy treats. Find all the baking ingredients you need for cookies, cakes, pies, candy and more right here.

Customers keeping a plant based lifestyle can still use premium chocolate chips in their baked goods thanks to Ghirardelli Non-Dairy Dark Chocolate Chips. Premium chocolate maker Ghirardelli lends its chocolate expertise to the home baker, crafting the finest, non-dairy dark chocolate chips with just a touch of vanilla that add a professional spin to every recipe. The metallic package communicates a premium product while iconic Ghirardelli branding attracts attention.

We gathered pounds and pounds of chocolate chips, callets, mini-grammes, feves, discs, and more, from industry-leading brands based on recommendations from other pros, previous experience with the brands, and some best-selling brands widely available in most grocery stores.

Types of Chocolate Chips: The small, drop-shaped little pieces of chocolate are what most of us think of when we think of chocolate chips, but there are also chunks, feves, mini-grammes, drops, large chips, and other shapes; essentially, there are many different names for what can be called small and large chips.

Flavor & Taste: The flavor profiles of chocolate can be very nuanced, so we tasted the chips plain out of the container, and then again after baking in cookies to compare the tasting notes when cooked.

These were like a darker, larger version of the Callebaut chips. Very similar flavor profiles, just more bitter. While these are perfectly adequate, there are more interesting tasting chocolates to be had.

We scoured grocery store shelves for different brands of chocolate chips to try. For the sake of fairness, we aimed for semi-sweet as opposed to milk or dark chocolate, especially since this is the kind most commonly found in chocolate chip cookie recipes or your grandma's pantry. We ate them just as they were, straight out of the bag. We also lightly melted them, and we certainly wish we'd had the time to completely bake them into chocolate chip cookies. But that would have turned this already epic chocolate chip battle into a verified war. Here's how we ranked them.

Wegmans Semi-Sweet Chocolate Morsels sport an old-fashioned package design that makes us feel like we're sitting on a red-and-white checkered stool in a vintage soda shop and enjoying ... chocolate chip cookies? Did they sell those there? Did the original Toll House recipe predate soda shops? These will stay rhetorical questions for now, but know that we're looking up all the answers later, okay? Okay. Either way, it makes us feel even better about Wegmans' chips when we're hit with a little harmless whimsy. They're also vegan, lactose-free, gluten-free, and devoid of artificial colors, flavors, and preservatives.

They weren't the most delicious to taste, either. They're fine. They're chocolate chips. They would make decent chocolate chip cookies. Publix didn't mess anything up, nor did they give us a game-changing product. The cocoa flavor is a little light, and the color is fairly wan. But we love Publix, and we have nothing against these solidly basic chocolate chips. You won't be mad at these, but you may be slightly disappointed.

We then felt a little more grounded in skeptical, yet hopeful, reality. Would these chips taste slightly otherworldly in that weirdly addicting Diet Coke way? Or would the morsels be a satisfactory dupe for sugary chocolate chips? There was only one way to find out. With 0 grams of total sugar, these will be a lifesaver for some individuals. But for the rest of you, please know that Lily's Stevia-Sweetened Baking Chips will indeed taste different. It's unavoidable. But they're still actually quite good for a sugar-free version, with vanilla doing some heavy lifting to bring out the sweetness. Many thanks to Lily for her contribution.

Baker's Corner Semi-Sweet Chocolate Morsels are found on the shelves of Aldi. Have you ever visited one of these blue-and-orange emblemed stores? It's quite the experience. You need a quarter for carts, the shelves are often a wee bit spare, and the baking aisle is less of an aisle and more of a "section." You won't find many other chocolate chips at an Aldi, but you don't expect to if you're a regular Aldi shopper.

At first glance, they look a lot like Target's Good & Gather, but the addition of vanilla on the ingredient list made them taste slightly distinct. Aldi includes melting instructions, just like Ghirardelli does, but the resemblance between the two brands ends there. Baker's Corner chocolate chips are in your corner if you need chocolate chips on a budget, and they will always come through in a pinch with no one the wiser. But if you have a little pocket change to spare, treat yourself to a higher quality chocolate chip and save by purchasing one of Aldi's many, many other more affordable dupes for bigger grocery store staples. They are less rich in flavor than others, which wasn't surprising, but melted nicely and aren't too sweet. We recommend these for big-batch recipes that feed a crowd.

Equal Exchange Organic Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chips are free from many major allergens, eight to be exact. It's not quite as many as Enjoy Life, but that whole shellfish point is probably moot. It advises using "these delicious Organic Chocolate Chips to add something special to cookies, brownies, and even pancakes," so now we're all craving chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast tomorrow. What makes Equal Exchange, well, equal? The promise to be "always small farmer grown." The brand sources from small farmer organizations because it believes that these are the heart and soul of the fair trade movement. The chips we're eating happen to arrive via Peru and only have three ingredients: organic raw cane sugar, organic chocolate liquor, and organic cocoa butter.

Hershey's Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chips look the part and made us immediately feel like big softies when it comes to classic candy. Speaking of which, want to know a fun hack to make pillowy-soft chocolate chip cookies? Try adding some instant pudding mix. We know it's wacky, but give it a chance, because the end result is really delicious! With these Hershey's chocolate chips and some Jello Instant Vanilla pudding, your cookies will taste like pure nostalgia in the sweetest sense. The bold bag is clearly reminiscent of a classic Hershey's chocolate bar, while the yellow stripe down the right side alludes to the equally classic Nestlé Toll House signature look. That made us feel like there was a direct showdown between Hershey's and Nestlé happening amidst the bigger battle between all 15 chocolate chips on the list.

When neck and neck with Nestlé Toll House, these Hershey's chips fell a bit short. They come close with their warm, wholesome taste, but veer slightly towards the problematic waxiness of a regular Hershey's bar, especially when heated. Hershey's are less chocolatey and more sweet, so we think they're great for baking up kid-friendly brownies and bars but less ideal for higher-end chocolate desserts or munching straight out of the bag.

When we tasted these chips, we were slightly disappointed that we weren't hit with more flavor. Of course, they're pricier than other chocolate chips because they're organic, and we'd hoped we taste a slightly upgraded product from what more conventional brands offer. But nope, Simple Truth is pretty basic, though we did prefer them just barely to another organic option, Equal Exchange, for both the richer taste and better cost.

Good and Gather Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chips come from good old reliable Target, a source of the most fun seasonal browsing on earth and sneaky in-store Starbucks. Though Target brand chips aren't going to be as high quality as some others like Ghirardelli and Guittard, they are at least made with real chocolate and contain no preservatives, synthetic colors, or artificial flavors.

These taste quite generic, like they could be found in middle-grade grocery store cookies packaged clear plastic containers available wherever foods are sold (though some are much better than others). Still, the Good and Gather chocolate chips are an excellent choice for anything that requires a chocolate chip, from trail mix to cookies to peanut butter-coated spoons. There's a 100% satisfaction guarantee or your money back, but we're more than satisfied and will gladly spend even more of our money at Target. By the way, the recipe on the back calls for 2 teaspoons of vanilla, which we highly condone, especially since the chips have none on their ingredient list. More vanilla in chocolate chip cookies is always a secret to success.

Enjoy Life Semi-Sweet Mega Chunks are free from 14 allergens, including wheat, peanuts, tree nuts, soy, egg, dairy, shellfish (thank goodness there's none of that in our chocolate chips, huh?), and more. That's because they're made in a dedicated nut-free and gluten-free facility, making them absolutely school-safe and accessible to a wider audience. It's definitely hinted at in the noticeably brief ingredient list: cane sugar, unsweetened chocolate, and cocoa butter. We picked up the "Mega Chunks" because the only others available were mini chips, and since these chunks are semisweet, we thought the difference was minimal. For the utmost clarity of testing, we chopped a chunk to regular chip size before conceding that it was an unnecessary step. The integrity remains. A minor argument began, however, between the merits of a chocolate chip cookie versus a chocolate chunk cookie, but we had to focus on this serious work, so we made our peace and moved on. 041b061a72

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