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Buy Running Jacket

This jacket will keep you covered without holding you back. Vented at the back for breathability. Extra chill in the air? Elastic along the back hem ensures a snug fit as you move. This jacket will flex with you wherever you go.

buy running jacket

Sometimes, all you need to get out the door for a run is a good running jacket. Luckily, we found you the perfect one, and it's currently on sale at Amazon for under $50. The best part? This sports jacket has over 7,600 positive reviews, and trust us when we say they'll convince you to buy more than just one!

This slim fit sports jacket ranges from sizes X-small to 4X-large, but sizes are already selling out because of how comfortable, high quality, flattering and affordable it is. The jacket has a high neck collar that will keep you warm on your run, high-performance cottony soft fabric and thumbholes to keep your hands toasty. It also comes in a ton of cute colors, but you definitely can't go wrong with the simple black one.

The reviews do all the talking for this running jacket! One reviewer calls the jacket a "well-made, well-tailored, super-soft jacket at a great price," while another shares, "I have never been happier with a purchase. I bought two of these and the quality of the material is amazing, definitely worth the price! Form fitting to the body and enhances every curve you have. They are thick but in an athletic way. I use these for normal outfits and work outs and truly it's beyond what I expected! 10/10 would recommend."

The SAYSKY Element 3L Waterproof Jacket is a unisex running jacket designed to withstand the rain and wind, and is our first waterproof jacket. This 3 layer jacket is the ultimate waterproof running jacket and is made in 100% Nylon with a PU membrane. It features waterproof zippers, side and back ventilation, and comes with fully taped and sealed seams. It comes in light grey, has a regular fit, and features woven labels on the front together with reflective SAYSKY logos.

Running jackets are an essential piece of cold weather running gear. Skimp, and you will be sorry. Invest in a good one, and your winter runs will become some of your favorite workouts of the year. Here, we will share which running jackets to consider, and what to look for when you are buying one.

The answers to the above questions will help determine the right running jacket for you. Buying the right jacket will help you not only be comfortable, but studies have shown that running while cold or damp requires more energy, affecting your performance.

Actually, when it comes to running jackets, we should be talking in the plural. Most avid runners should have two go-to running jackets. One will be a thermal jacket for those days when temperatures are the main concern. The other will be more of a shell, for when wind and light precip might be more of an issue than plunging temps.

Having two jackets in your arsenal also helps you rotate the wear and prolong the life of each one. Some jackets will last longest if you allow them to air dry, for example. Having a jacket that you can use a few times, and then wash while you wear the other, is the perfect setup for this.

We profile 7 excellent running jackets below, and we would encourage to read about them so you get a good understanding of what is on the market today. However, if you just want our direct recommendation, here are our two favorite running jackets on the market for this season:

Be prepared to pay for light gear, though. The science and technology that goes in to making garments light is very advanced, and can get quite expensive. In fact, weight is perhaps the biggest single driver of price in jackets. When it comes to running jackets, you will see everything from

distinctive look, which is fashionable and trim-cut, makes it hard to believe that this jacket actually has excellent thermal qualities and very respectable water resistance. We love the long, soft collar, the perfect length and tapering of the sleeves, and the soft-but-tough fabric. This is a soft-shell jacket, meaning that the exterior fabric is not a hard shell but rather uses softer membranes to keep moisture and wind out. The only folks we might not recommend this jacket for are people who run in heavy rains or those who run a little more generous on size. It tends to fit sleek. Because this will be such a versatile jacket for you, we think it is a very good thermal jacket for the money. Find here.

an excellent jacket for many. This can double as a ski shell or mountain jacket, but we have use it as a running jacket and it performs extremely well. The Gore-Tex shell give it good water-resistance and excellent wind proofing qualities. The collar is very comfortable with a soft-brushed fabric, and we love the reliable drawstrings and zippers. This is more of a form-fitting jacket, so if you are larger or plan to wear lots of layers underneath, consider sizing it up.

One thing that Arcteryx does better than anyone else is putting pockets on garments in a way that keeps them very sleek and form-fitting. The Trino has four pockets, but you would never know it unless you have something bulky in one of them. It is not the cheapest shell out there, but we can tell you that it will look like brand new in 5 years and you will be happy with it. You might even find yourself skiing in this jacket on warmer ski days. Find here.

This shell from Salomon, the famous maker of downhill ski gear, is a tough shell that is all about performance. It may not have the same sleek look as some of the others on this list, but it is a very rugged jacket that we would trust in difficult conditions. Its waterproof nylon exterior is probably second only to the Rain Runner in terms of protecting you in a downpour, and the range-of-motion is probably better. Additionally, the tuck-in hook is a nice touch given the need to keep your entire torso dry.

We like the windproof qualities of the jacket, and think that Salomon did a nice job with this overall, especially for runners who need a shell that can keep potentially heavier moisture out. It is priced about right for the high quality that you get. Salomon also did a good job of building vents into the jacket

Once you have your jacket in hand, one tip: Read the care instructions! These jackets should last you for many, many years, assuming that you take care of them well. That means storing them in the right environment, and, most importantly, washing and drying them in the right way. These jackets have high price tags, but if you care for them well, they will be a great investment as well.

If you are going to be running in cold and need your body to be insulated, and not just protected from the wind, you need one of the thermal running jackets we noted above. This is the best plan for temps below, say, 35, or days when a stiff wind is going to chill your bones. That means that the North Face, Marmot, and New Balance are the ones we would recommend for cold weather running.

Good question. When looking for a running jacket, you want to think about when you tend to go on a run. For example, if you are someone who runs in the evening, you might want a jacket with reflective details for added visibility. The second thing to think about is where you like to run. If you run outside, you'll probably want to opt for a jacket that is windproof and waterproof. These features are definitely an essential for any winter runners. However, if you run at the gym, a zip up jacket would be best so that you can take if off easily. Lastly, think about how much you want to spend. If you're an avid runner, you might want to invest in a high quality jacket that you know will last the long run (no pun intended).

When it comes to the best gym wear (opens in new tab), a running jacket is an absolute essential for the colder months - simply layer over your sports bra (opens in new tab) to keep you warm and dry (yay, British weather).

With that in mind, we've taken it upon ourselves to round up the best running jackets to buy now, keeping in mind price point, breathability, fit, style, design, sweat-wicking ability, and water resistance, too.

For this article, we enrolled the help of our Health Editor and 8x marathon runner Ally Head (opens in new tab), our Ecommerce Writer, Grace Lindsay (opens in new tab) and Lillie Bleasdale, a running coach, personal trainer and the founder of Passa (opens in new tab), a female-focused run coaching community. If you hadn't already guessed, Ally is an avid runner, so she's tested her fair share of running jackets over the years. Although Grace isn't much of a runner herself, she loves going to a sweaty spin class or Pilates session, and she also tests products for a living, so knows exactly what to look out for when it comes to good quality clothing. Lillie is a 3 hour 7 minute marathoner who documents her training and journey through stage two endometriosis and adenomyosis online.

Keep on scrolling for their top picks. For more fit kit inspiration, don't forget to check out our guides to the best activewear brands (opens in new tab), best oversized gym t-shirts (opens in new tab), best running shorts (opens in new tab), best cycling shorts (opens in new tab) and even the best tennis skirts (opens in new tab), while you're here.

"This is a great affordable option for all year round - it's light enough and UV protected for use during colder summer months, but also water repellant for winter running, too. I was impressed by how well it sweat wicked, and liked that it has reflective elements for evening runs and spacious pockets with zips to keep your valuables. Do note - while it keeps the rain out adequately, it is on the lighter side, so will often need a warmer layer underneath, if you feel the cold." - Ally Head, Health Editor

"After a running jacket with a hood to keep your head warm? This Nike option has a detachable one, so you can wear it in colder weather or take it off in hotter runs. I liked that it's lightweight but keeps you warm, plus has two handy side pockets, too. Cons: it does have quite visible Nike branding, so if you're not keen on branded kit, I'd suggest going for another option." - Ally Head, Health Editor 041b061a72

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