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Bascom Avr Full Crack 89

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A must have for your collection! Heavy duty motorcycle panniers are sure to turn heads with this Cyclops Survival Kit from Cyclops Supply . This fully functional survival tool features the worlds most robust pannier rack. The rear rack holds large capacity panniers and the front carries the same popular Medium capacity panniers that are known to keep your stuff locked down. These are not those flimsy plastic panniers that look great on your bike but end up under your seat within days of use. The combination of the sturdy bike pad protects your bike from damage while the cinch strap keeps it locked in place and secures the pannier securely on the rack so you don't have to worry about it falling off and getting stolen. Includes various tools such as a pump, tire lever and a set of flat head screwdrivers.

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This LP is the official reissue of many a F.O.A.D. bootleg in the past few years Deca is one of the major proponents of this very ZPOTF/JNPT tradition. The principals who were responsible for this reissue are from Babylon or Fat Spike Minos or Kensington Connection. This bootleg is loaded with satanic metal and lasts 7 deadly tracks where you will find a variety of Satanic and Venom inspired bands such as Sabinus or HATE A.D. Deca proudly present the first official ZPOTF/JNPT bootleg on vinyl!!! This is a very rare bootleg of one of the most obscure metal bands ever recorded in Japan during the crazy years of the 80s. Deca were one of the most interesting Japanese bands of their time, treading the line between Black Metal, Thrash Metal and Horror. The material on this LP ranges from early Dimmu and early High on Fire inspired raw black metal mixed with some more Death/Thrash/Speed Metal influences. The production on this bootleg is truly outstanding and this is one of the most sought after bootlegs for fans of Japanese Heavy Metal. Deca are a very powerful and influential band and they needed no more evidence of that than they receive on this bootleg. Deca are a highly enjoyable and essential band who shaped the Japanese underground scene of the 80s, so this is the real deal. Peep the full color and high quality booklet that includes great rare photos and memorabilia and check out the awesome reissue! LP coming with a bonus track on CD. Watch the trailer HERE 3d9ccd7d82

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