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Magic Inlay For Mac

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Magic Inlay For Mac: A Fun and Challenging Puzzle Game

If you love puzzle games, you will enjoy Magic Inlay For Mac, a game that combines strategy, creativity and fun. Magic Inlay is a sequel to the popular Puzzle Inlay, but with more features and modes to keep you entertained.

In Magic Inlay, you have to fill in the shapes on the board with colorful gems that come from a conveyor belt. You can rotate, move and drop the gems to fit them into the shapes. But be careful, because the conveyor belt will speed up as you progress, and you have to avoid filling up the board with unwanted gems.

Magic Inlay For Mac offers three different modes to suit your mood and skill level. Adventure mode takes you through 16 different lands with unique themes and challenges. Puzzle mode lets you choose from over 100 puzzles to solve at your own pace. And Arcade mode tests your reflexes and speed with endless levels of increasing difficulty.

Magic Inlay For Mac also gives you access to magical tools that can help you in your quest. You can use a hammer to break a gem, a magic wand to transform a gem into another one, a lightning bolt to destroy all gems of the same color, and more. You can also collect coins and jewels to buy more tools and upgrades.

Magic Inlay For Mac is a game that will appeal to both casual and hardcore puzzle fans. It has colorful graphics, relaxing music, and addictive gameplay. You can download Magic Inlay For Mac from and play it whenever you want.

Magic Inlay For Mac has received positive reviews from many players who praised its fun and challenging gameplay, its colorful graphics, and its relaxing music. Some of the reviews are:

"Just the right challenge for this baby-boomer and I like the \"design\" aspect of it: how many ways can you arrange the puzzle pieces in the time allotted" - Clee,

"Fun and challenging as you can change the speeding difficulty levels. Great for stress relief. Good graphics. Music not so much." - Cheryl L. Kienast,

"Steady pace, colorful, good animation, keeps me interested yet relaxed without getting the nervous system in an uproar. My kind of game." - NancetheDance,

However, some players have also reported some issues with Magic Inlay For Mac, such as compatibility problems with Windows 10 and newer Mac operating systems, virus warnings from antivirus software, and difficulty in getting refunds. Some of the negative reviews are:

"Does not run on Win 10" - Vanessa A. Williamson,

"AVG calls it a virus" - Diana Groff,

"Doesnt work, virus" - Samantha Harmon,

Therefore, before you buy Magic Inlay For Mac, make sure you check the system requirements and read the customer reviews carefully. You can also try the free trial version first to see if you like it.

If you are looking for some alternatives to Magic Inlay For Mac, you may want to check out some other puzzle games that are compatible with macOS. Here are some of the best puzzle games for Mac that you can try:

Bejeweled 3: This is a classic match-three game that has eight different modes to keep you entertained. You can play Zen mode for a relaxing experience, Quest mode for a variety of challenges, or Lightning mode for a fast-paced thrill. Bejeweled 3 has stunning graphics, soothing sounds, and addictive gameplay.

World of Goo: This is a physics-based puzzle game that requires you to build structures out of goo balls. You have to use your creativity and logic to overcome various obstacles and reach the exit pipe. World of Goo has a quirky and humorous style, a captivating story, and a beautiful soundtrack.

Monument Valley: This is a puzzle game that plays with perspective and geometry. You have to guide a silent princess through a series of surreal and impossible architectures. Monument Valley has a minimalist and elegant design, a mesmerizing atmosphere, and a touching narrative.

These are just some of the best puzzle games for Mac that you can enjoy

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