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The study uses the transport policy as a proxy for the transport infrastructure development for analysis. It can be observed from the data that the transport infrastructure development was highest in the transport policy sector in the long run and lowest in other sectors. The transport policy sector shows positive and significant impact on the agricultural production and productivity of the country in the long run. However, transport policy sector had a neutral impact in the short run, and the impact was negative in the short run.

There is a significant effect of road infrastructure on agricultural production and productivity in the long run. The impact is higher when compared to transport infrastructure and transport policy.

The transport policy supports the agricultural production and productivity of the country, especially in the long run. The result reveals that there is a strong unidirectional causal relationship between transport infrastructure and agricultural production and productivity.

The data series have been cleaned and harmonized at the country level in order to prepare them for analysis. The data were downloaded and processed using the R statistical software. The ARDL bound method was used to analyze the co-integration among the variables of interest. The ARDL bound is a generalization of the co-integration for a linear vector time series. The model estimates the effects of GDP, road, and transport and communication on agricultural production and productivity. Transportation infrastructure development is modeled as a proxy for transport policy. The result shows that transport policy is most effective in increasing agricultural production and productivity in the long run.

The transport management strategy of Ethiopia has envisioned two aims: development of transport infrastructure at the national level, and regional development to enhance trade and link small scale production to larger markets. The government has adopted a decentralization strategy to address the transport sector development challenges at the country level and across regions. The Federal Ministry of Transport has established eight departments to coordinate the transport sector development in the country.

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