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Our NEXT CAM JAM is June 16! Here are the EXCITING DETAILS!!

We are thrilled to announce this month's featured guest! Our June CAM JAM guest is the and only TOPAS! You don't want to miss this!!

Here are the details...

Join the Canadian Association of Magicians for free on Wednesday, June 16th at 8 pm EST for an incredible magic jam session! Hosted by Greg Frewin.

▶ RVSP for the TOPAS CAM JAM here

If you have any questions or comments for Topas, share them in the comments, and they could be featured during the event.

Keep practicing!! We'll see you on June 16th!


PS: This is our last CAM JAM before the summer break, and IT'S GOING TO BE AMAZING! Tell a magician friend or pal and join CAM today!


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Brian H. Lumley
Brian H. Lumley
Jun 17, 2021

I really enjoyed last nights discussion it was an echo out of my past. The conversation was almost identical to the one I had with Doug Henning at my dinner table in early January, 1973 - 48-1/2 years ago. That night we talked about the changes needed in magical performance and how to bring magic back to the great stage.

The issues of audience trust and legitimacy of the performance with recorded shows were the main concerns back then. That is why he stuck to his guns for a national live broadcast for his 1975 Christmas Special.

The work Henning did to solve these problems back then seems to have faded and the industry is right back to a simila…


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