Three Ways to Help Support Chip Romero

Fellow magicians,


Chip Romero recently shared his unique collection of props and illusions at our CAM JAM. It was a HUGE HIT!  


We have some bad news to share. 

Unfortunately,  Chip's home was flooded and he has incurred losses and damages to his collection. 

CAM really wanted to find a way to help provide a little relief for Chip, so we came up with three.  

Hopefully you can support.

Thanks for your kindness and consideration,

-CAM Team

1. Watch CAM JAM for $10

Chip's CAM JAM is our highest attended event of the year!  There's good reason!  You'll love this peek into magic's past!  Chip is filled with energy! 


He has an impressive collection of rare items from magic's history, from Doug Henning, Mark Wilson and Dai Vernon. 


In this two-hour CAM JAM you get to see first hand some of Chip's incredible collection.

All funds raised from this video will support Chip Romero.

2. Make a Donation

Here's how you can make donate any value wish (over $2)  These are in Canadian funds.

3. Join CAM

Do you want to support Chip and join CAM?  For every new member that joins we'll add $10 for Chip Romero's Flood Recovery Fund.   An incredible reason to join CAM today!

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