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Lightening skin tone is an ancient and well-documented practice, and remains common practice among many cultures. Whitening agents such as corticosteroids, tretinoin and hydroquinone are medically applied to effectively lighten the skin tone of hyperpigmented lesions. However, when these agents are used cosmetically, they are associated with a variety of side-effect. Alternative agents, such as arbutin and its derivatives kojic acid and nicotinamide have been subsequently developed for cosmetic purposes. Unfortunately, some cosmetics contain whitening agents that are banned for use in cosmetic products. This article provides an overview of the mode of action and potential side-effects of cosmetic legal and illegal whitening agents, and the pattern of use of these types of products. Finally, an EU analysis of the health problems due to the presence of illegal products on the market is summarized.

cosmetic whitening

People desire whiter teeth for a variety of reasons due to stains and yellowing over time. Most commonly, foods, beverages, and lifestyle choices are the cause of teeth stains. Achieving whiter teeth can boost confidence, portray a younger appearance, and display a sign of good health. At Heck Family Dentistry of Lawrence, we offer a variety of options for teeth whitening in Lawrence, KS, including take-home Crest Pro whitening strips as well as Phillips Zoom in-office teeth whitening!

Zoom is an in-office teeth whitening procedure that brightens stained or discolored teeth in one visit. Using ultraviolet light to supercharge the whitening gel, Zoom can whiten teeth up to eight shades with one procedure.

There are many options out there for teeth whitening such as toothpastes, strips, and take-home trays with gel. These options are an alternative to whitening but require more effort, including daily application and avoiding food and drinks that stain teeth such as coffee and red wines during the whitening process and up to two weeks after.

Teeth whitening is generally one set price, but there are a few different factors that can affect how many treatments you will need before achieving your desired results. Here are some of the most prominent ones:

A bright, beautiful smile is important to your self-esteem and how others view you. If you're embarrassed by stains or discoloration, your cosmetic dentist can reveal a whiter smile with teeth whitening in Lawrence. Don't worry if you have a few concerns. Here are the answers to frequently asked questions to determine if it's right for you.

Any rumors you've heard about whitening systems aren't true. Whitening treatments are safe and won't harm your smile if you are a candidate for the procedure, like having healthy teeth and gums. When used under the supervision of a qualified dental professional and according to the manufacturer's guidelines, teeth whitening will not compromise your enamel. It is important to space out whitening treatments, including home products, to avoid potential complications.

Whitening systems won't have any effect on restorations, including crowns. Although whitening agents are more powerful than ever, crowns don't have pores like enamel. Your cosmetic dentist in Lawrence will advise against using whitening products on restorations because they can weaken the bonding material holding it in place. If you're concerned about color discrepancies, your dentist will create the personalized plan you need to ensure seamless results.

Unfortunately, your results won't be permanent because teeth naturally change color over time. Various factors affect the duration of results, which range from several months to multiple years. You can preserve your new smile by committing to a solid oral hygiene routine at home. Your cosmetic dentist will recommend limiting your contact with stain-causing substances, like smoking, coffee, or red wine. Besides caring for your smile at home, visit your dentist every 6 months for a cleaning and checkup. If your results begin to fade, your dentist can provide you with a touchup kit.

Your mouth must be healthy to be a candidate for any elective services to prevent irreversible damage to your smile. A whitening treatment can make your teeth look healthier, but it won't resolve dental issues, like cavities. Based on the results of your consultation , you may need a little prep work, like gum disease treatment. Although you may not have expected additional procedures, they can be crucial for your safety and the success of your stunning smile.

More and more patients are learning about the benefits of cosmetic dentistry procedures. Not only do patients enjoy a new look, they also feel the renewed sense of confidence that comes with an attractive smile. With so many advancements in dentistry, many procedures require minimal visits to achieve the maximum result.

Porcelain veneers are one of the most popular cosmetic dentistry procedures today. Veneers are made from layers of thin porcelain sheaths, and once placed, they completely cover the front of your teeth. Our dentists can completely transform the look of your smile with porcelain veneers making gaps disappear, misshapen teeth well-formed, and chipped teeth whole. Leaving you with a stunning smile makeover. A quick consultation in our office is all you need to get started with the right option for you.

At Goldstein Dental Center, our world-class Atlanta cosmetic dentist has years of education and experience when it comes to helping patients achieve their smile goals. Our professional whitening treatments reliably produce long-lasting, stunning results.

Store-bought teeth whitening products may seem like convenient and inexpensive ways to brighten your smile, but they can do more harm than good. Over-the-counter whitening strips and other similar products may lead to sensitive teeth and uneven, short-lived results.

Professional teeth whitening is designed to produce even, long-lasting results. Dr. Goldstein and our amazing staff have the skills to ensure your procedure will be safe, effective, and tailored to your unique goals.

Teeth whitening or teeth bleaching is among the most dramatic ways to enhance your smile. Whitening your teeth is affordable on almost any budget and can be completed in just one visit to our Atlanta office. Teeth whitening and teeth bleaching are usually used interchangeably but are slightly different in their definition. Whitening teeth restores their natural color, while bleaching teeth whitens them beyond their natural white color for a stunning appearance.

Teeth bleaching is the process of chemically whitening the teeth from the inside, utilizing hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide which seeps into the tooth to brighten the yellow inner layer of the tooth (dentin).

The Goldstein Dental Center has some of the lowest teeth whitening prices when compared to other dental offices in Buckhead or Atlanta. Call today at (404) 689-2078 to inquire about our teeth whitening and various specials.

Patients looking to erase years of stains and discoloration may benefit from a teeth whitening treatment. Our safe and convenient procedure can help you swiftly achieve the smile of your dreams. However, you may not be an ideal candidate if you have:

We also encourage patients to schedule biannual appointments with our Atlanta dentist for routine dental cleanings and exams. These regular visits help support your oral health and make the most out of your whitening results.

The cost of your professional teeth whitening or bleaching treatment depends on the details of your unique needs. Dr. Goldstein is proud to offer some of the lowest prices for teeth whitening treatments in Atlanta, GA, so you can brighten your smile without breaking the bank.

Teeth whitening remains one of the most economical ways to enhance your smile. Your smile creates an immediate, subconscious, visual impact on people you meet. A brighter smile gives the impression of youth, vitality, radiant health, happiness, and warmth. A bright smile is perceived as a healthy smile. Be sure to consult with your AACD member cosmetic dentist to learn which whitening treatment is best for you.

There are various ways to whiten your teeth, but the two most common are in-office treatment and the do-it-yourself approach, with over-the-counter products. Your local AACD dentist will work with you to build a cosmetic treatment plan that will effectively address your dental concern and meet your cosmetic goals. Professional teeth whitening administered by an AACD dentist offer highly effective and safe results. Professional teeth whitening gels are designed to minimize side effects like tooth sensitivity often associated with over-the-counter whitening products.

Professional tooth whitening in a dental office is the preferred whitening method because even though stronger agents are applied, the rest of the mouth, including the gums, is protected from these materials. The best whitening systems feature a buffer in the gel that protects the tooth enamel from damage, are extremely effective, and can transform teeth in a single office visit. Your teeth can literally brighten up to 10 shades in about an hour.

While over-the-counter tooth whitening products are available, dentist-supervised tooth whitening remains the safest, most effective method for brightening your smile. Here are some key reasons why you should always consult with your AACD dentist.

Teeth whitening is one of the most common cosmetic treatments requested by patients. AACD dentists can help patients achieve a whiter smile that looks natural, enhancing their overall facial aesthetic. People with whiter, brighter smiles tend to smile more and feel better about their overall appearance. A simple, minimally invasive cosmetic procedure, teeth whitening can help patients look and feel more youthful. Ask your AACD dentist about teeth whitening options for a more confident and beautiful smile.

The two main products used for teeth whitening are hydrogen peroxide and carbamide peroxide. Unlike a whitening toothpaste that uses an abrasive ingredient to mechanically remove surface-level stains, the oxygen molecules within these whitening agents weaken your tooth stains on a molecular level. 041b061a72

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