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3DS Roms 0001-0240 Japan

3DS Roms 0001-0240 Japan --->>>

3DS Roms 0001-0240 Japan

shenzhen-based company beidou, a wholly owned subsidiary of the state-owned china aerospace science and industry corporation, has released a windows 10 extension that lets viewers turn their 3ds handheld into a virtual reality viewer. with the added installation, the 3ds can be connected to a virtual reality headset such as oculus rift, htc vive or samsung gear vr. the extension comes with a free digital copy of mickey mouse, a cartoon designed for preschool children. the company has launched a virtual 3d replica of the palace of versailles in paris, the eiffel tower and the great wall of china, to publicise its effort to commercialise virtual reality devices. by extending the 3dss capabilities, the company aims to lure more users to its vr devices, such as the pokémon go, a new game in which users go to real-world locations to hunt for a virtual game character called pokémon.

the long-running showbiz musical comedy swing kids has returned to television sets in japan after a decade of delayed broadcast. the tv broadcast of swing kids started on march 18. it had its last episode in february 2009 when nhk switched its analogue broadcast channels to digital. since then, the project has had numerous nagging issues, such as retakes and declining viewership, with the latest comeback after a ten-year hiatus bringing a new, livelier concept. the reboot show is seeking a fresh start by aiming for younger viewers by making use of its 24-hour broadcasting time.

the issue of pregnant women stepping in front of and roughly touching subway rails to avoid them was raised by commuters on various social media platforms. the nhk broadcasting corporation advises pregnant women to follow the following guidelines: wear long skirts or leggings when stepping on and off the train or escalator; wear high-heeled shoes if there is a gap; and to be careful of stepping stones. 3d9ccd7d82

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