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GUEST ANNOUNCEMENT! Our March 10th CAM JAM guest is...

We're excited to announce CAM JAM on MARCH 10 at 8 pm EST features the incredible, Steve Valentine! You don't want to miss this! Add the event to your calendar here.


Special Guest: Steve Valentine

Date & Time: March 10 at 8pm EST

Admission Price: Free!

NOTE: CAM Membership is not required for this event. All are welcome

We are looking forward to welcoming you to our March CAM JAM with special guest STEVE VALENTINE!

Join us for free and bring your cards and questions. We'll send you a reminder an hour before the event starts.

Do you have Canadian magic news to share? When you RSVP for CAM JAM, you can now share with us a brief message with your news or event details. Let us know before March 10 and we'll help share your magic club's news or event.

PS: CAM Members: Did you read the latest Northern Peeks? Check out here.

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