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Interview: Magic Live 2022 highlights with Peter Mennie

Magic conventions are returning to full swing and this past week was the return of Magic Live in Nevada. Travel to Las Vegas with us in this quick chat about Magic Live 2022 and hear highlights from this year's convention with CAM Member Peter Mennie.

Fresh off the tarmac, Peter shares his highlights, travel experience, and the three biggest magic takeaways from this convention.

Did you attend this year's Magic Live? Let us know your highlight in the comments below!

Watch here:

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History in the making!

Just around the corner, Canada makes history! The FISM World Championship of Magic happens July 25-30, 2022, in Quebec City! Find out more and register here. Also, be sure and check out the Quebec Magic Festival (Festival De Magie De Quebec)

Let's make history together! Join us in Quebec City!

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