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Unlock a Magical Deal: 50% Off VANISH International Magic Magazine for CAM Members!

Exciting news for CAM members!!!

Vanish International Magic Magazine covers
Take advantage of your NEW membership benefit TODAY!

Over the past few months, we've been working behind the scenes on two fantastic benefits for you, our valued members of CAM.

Today, we announce details for the first of two new membership benefits!

We are thrilled to announce an exclusive offer for Canadian Association of Magicians members to enjoy a 50% discount on an annual VANISH International Magic Magazine membership!

Here’s how you can claim this exclusive offer:

  1. Ensure Your CAM Membership is Up-to-Date: This offer is only available to current CAM members. Please renew or verify your membership status before proceeding.

  2. Email VANISH International Magic Magazine: To access the discount, please email VANISH and mention in the subject "CAM Member 50% Discount." Include your full name and use your CAM-registered email address.

  3. Use the Secret Registration Link: Once you have emailed VANISH and mentioned your CAM membership, you will receive a secret registration link. This link will grant you a 50% discount on your annual subscription to the magazine.

  4. Membership Verification: CAM will confirm your valid membership with Vanish to ensure you receive this exclusive discount.

Don’t miss out on this fantastic opportunity to stay updated with the latest tricks and trends in the magic world while enjoying substantial savings.

Act now and add a little more magic to your life with Vanish International Magic Magazine!

If you have any questions or need assistance, feel free to share your comments and questions in the comments below.  

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