Welcome Magicians!!!! Here's what you need to know about CAM 2.0 ....

Updated: Nov 7, 2020

This is an exciting time for magic as we move towards the future. Our aim is to build an all-inclusive organization that encourages both young and old and offers the latest communication tools for keeping all members informed on all things magic.

This website is YOUR gathering place so come back regularly.

Join in on the chat forums and respond to BLOGS. We welcome suggestions and look forward to having regular contact with our members.

Here are a FEW items of what you will find:

  • BLOGS - Members share views, tips and information.

  • FORUM - Members can chat to each other and this can become a great resource

  • VIDEOS - We are constantly working on adding videos of past and present performers. We are converting hundreds of videos at the moment so members have full access.

  • JAM SESSIONS - zoom and online gatherings for members.

  • EVENTS - Find out what is happening in YOUR area - members can input events they have coming up both live and online.

  • CLUBS - We welcome ALL OTHER CLUBS and offer links and pages for other magic organizations - use CAM as a way to connect with your own club members.

  • MENTORSHIP - Offering unique opportunities for performers to find a mentor and work with a professional

  • NORTHERN PEAKS - Access to the club's bi-monthly publication

Under Construction! Some functions are in testing mode

Explore the feature and expect a few errors. We're always working under the hood. Keep posted to the blog and forum for feature updates and site improvements.

Finding and discovering errors

Our new website will be evolving and expanding with the organization. Excuse hiccups and errors while we work on improving the tools and resources. Feel free to report any usual or persistent bugs here: https://www.cammagic.org/forum/feedback-report-a-bug

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Thank you for being a CAM Member!

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