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World Wide Houdini Birthday Celebration

When: Sunday March 27 2022, 12pm Eastern 9am Pacific 5pm UTC

Price: Free

Sunday March 27, Most Illustrious Tom Gentile is throwing a world wide birthday party for the one and only Harry Houdini. We are kicking off at noon Eastern and then spending the next 12+ hours going around the world Doing More Together. We will be sharing Houdini stories, our magic and other fun events. The night will wrap up with 1st VP John Sturk providing original music over the Houdini silent film The Grim Game (thanks to the Houdini Museum and Theater in Scranton, PA and Dorothy Dietrich and Dick Brookz).

NOTE: All video submissions must be sent to Dr. Joel Zaritsky ( no later than tomorrow, Thursday by 10 am Eastern).

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