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Canadian Association of Magicians

A community of world-class magicians, tools and resources for your journey in magic

Canadian Association of Magicians is a Registered Canadian Not-For-Profit Organization and Proud Member Society of FISM

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Do you love the Art of Magic?

  • Join the conversation and start your own discussion!  Ask a question or get help with your magic
  • Competition-level magic advice and instruction!  Aim high and your world can change.
  • Exclusive Events for CAM Members! CAM JAM is the place to work out magic, and CAM CAST brings you closer to the greatest names in magic.
  • Connect with like-minded magicians!
  • Get showcased!  Want to share your advice, teaching or work?  Member forum for sharing and contributing.
  • Member perks and discounts Get coupon codes and discounts with our partnered magician festivals, events, shops and stores.
  • Join anywhere in the world! We welcome anyone with an interest and an passion for becoming a better magician.
  • Convenience! Stay connected and engage with your magic community on mobile, desktop, or app.

Join a community of magicians with a reputation for nurturing world-class artists and connect with like-minded conjurers. 

Join the Canadian Association of Magicians

A community of world-class magicians and resources for your journey in magic.


We welcome magicians of any age or country! 

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