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Behind the Scenes of the Sorcerers Summer Safari Magic Camp: Interview with Mike & Jen Segal

Grab the marshmallows it's a special summertime CAM Canadian Conjurers interview with founders of Sorcerers Summer Safari Magic Camp, Mike and Jen Segal.

Hear firsthand stories from the beloved magic camp in this exclusive interview.

Mike and Jen give us a behind-the-scenes perspective of their 20-year journey, including the challenges, lasting memories, impact on campers, and more!

Here's a sneak peek of what you'll hear in this interview:

  • The inspiration behind Sorcerers Summer Safari Magic Camp

  • Challenges and memorable moments

  • Stories about world-class magicians & guests who attended

  • Sorcerers Safari impact on campers

  • Connection to Disney's Magic Camp Movie

And much more!

Watch the Interview:

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