(BLOG) Step 3: Blog Post Settings in Wix

How to Properly Set-Up Your Blog Settings

Here is what you need to know about Blog Settings, SEO, Tags, & Sell Subscriptions



  1. Upload your thumbnail (Use to create Canva.com)

  2. Change Author to your name

  3. Copy and paste (except) into except

Tip: For Windows Users: A recommended free download for capturing parts of your screen is called ShareX .


This is the stuff Google sees. The description here is what will show up in Google searches

  1. Copy and paste the excerpt into the post description (again)


This section tells the CAM website where content should be displayed. For example, publishing a blog post with the category "✅ President's Message" checked will display on the President's Page.

If you posted with the category "✅President Message" and "✅Public" the blog post will show up on the President's page and the public blog page.


Tags help connect content and improve discoverability. Adding the tags "colour change" or "convention" will help members discover other content with those tags.

Sell Subscriptions

This is where we define what paying members can view this blog post.

  • Canadian Members

  • International Members

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