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WATCH: Backstage at the Greg Frewin Theatre! An Exclusive CAM Video!

Here is your opportunity to come backstage and behind the scenes at the Greg Frewin Theatre!!

In this special CAM JAM, Greg gets candid and shares some of the successes, struggles and surprises in Niagara Falls. Greg has been a resident in Niagara Falls for over 17 years and in this chat, he gives us an all-access pass to his theatre. We learn priceless wisdom, from the technology of running a show to working with birds and animals.

You don't want to miss this!

During the 1hr chat, Greg covers a wide range of insightful topics. Here is a look at everything covered.

What's covered in this 60-minute backstage event in Niagara Falls with Greg Frewin

  1. What's the theatre look like now-- Is Greg open? What are audiences like?

  2. Theatre & Animals - We get a look backstage, around the theatre, and animals

  3. Last two years of COVID-- Talking about diversifying other skills, family, animals, and a big event in China

  4. A look at the early years - From just an idea to Greg's opening year, struggles, successes, and surprises. (...and Lance Burton's 8 words of advice!)

  5. PLUS, Greg shares the three biggest lessons learned owning his theatre.

  6. And questions from our virtual guests!

Watch this clip. Greg shows us Mika, a beautiful bird showing off her flying skills!

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