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Introducing CAM's First Virtual Chapter!

Magical Connections from Coast to Coast: Introducing CAM's Virtual Chapter!

In a world where magic knows no bounds, the Canadian Association of Magicians (CAM) is thrilled to announce a new initiative that promises to bring our community closer than ever.

Understanding the challenges of distance and the desire for a dedicated space to talk magic, we're debuting our very first CAM Virtual Chapter.

Created in response to your feedback, this digital platform will bring together magicians from every corner of Canada.

This digital gathering space is designed to bridge the gap between magicians across Canada, offering a platform to connect, share, and grow together in the art of magic.

Introducing the CAM Virtual Chapter!

Join us for our debut meeting:

  • February 13th at 8:30 EST via Zoom

  • Early access starting at 8:00 pm

  • This introductory session is free and open to all.

  • It will feature gifts, special guests, and magical exchanges.

Don't miss this unique opportunity to connect, learn, and share in the art of magic with fellow enthusiasts, including CAM President Ryan Joyce, Greg Frewin, Paul Romhany, and more.

Let's make magic together!


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