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Celebrating Over a Decade of Canada’s Magic Blog: Interview with Nicole Lee (Canadian Conjurors)

Today, we're diving into a special conversation with Nicole Lee, the mastermind behind Canada's Magic Blog, celebrating 13 magical years this month.

From the inception of her passion project to amplifying the voices of Canadian magicians, Nicole shares insights into the art of promoting magic and the power of community.

Join our host, Ryan Joyce, as he explores the journey of Canada’s Magic Blog and the woman who has been instrumental in helping spread the art form and connect Canada's magic community.

Key Topics Discussed in the Interview:

  • The Genesis of Canada’s Magic Blog: Nicole's inspiration for starting the blog and its evolution over 13 years.

  • Promoting Magic in the Digital Age: Tips for magicians to make their events stand out and common promotional mistakes to avoid.

  • The Role of Community Engagement: How community support is crucial for the success of magic events.

  • Challenges and Rewards of Managing the Blog: Insights into the time commitment and personal motivation behind Canada’s Magic Blog.

  • The Future of Canada’s Magic Blog: Upcoming initiatives and exciting developments to anticipate.

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