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WOW! FISM Quebec 2022 was AMAZING! See Exclusive CAM Photos.

History was made in Canada!

The world's largest magic convention, the FISM World Championship of Magic, just concluded in Quebec City in 2022. The six-day convention and competition has appeared worldwide from Japan to the United Kingdom since 1948, but never in North or South America. Canadian Association of Magicians (CAM) President Renée-Claude Auclair and her partner Pierre Hamon have been working hard to make this historic moment a reality for over eight years.

I was thrilled to be a tiny part of the massive FISM team. I’m fresh off the tarmac with behind-the-scene insight, exclusive images from the Official FISM Photographer Team, and contributions from CAM members who attended FISM Quebec 2022.

You’re in for a treat, come with us to Quebec City, and let's look at this historic event.

Quick Reference

Day 1 (July 25)

FISM Quebec 2022 Swag

Opening Ceremonies Evening Gala

Lectures and Jam Sessions

Canadian Media Represent!

Day 2 (July 26)

Lecturers Featured At FISM Quebec 2022

Stage and Close-Up Contests Begin

Stage Jury

Close Up Jury

Impacts of COVID and Travel

International Evening Gala

Day 3 (July 27)

Dealers Room

Here is a list of the dealers featured at FISM

CAM in the Dealers Room

Magic Throughout Quebec City

Two Canadian Magician Photo Attempts

Shawn Farquhar Closes the Evening Show

Day 4 (July 28)

New FISM President Announced

Visit from the Pope


Alain Choquette and John Archer Host Evening Gala

Max Maven Presents Connie Boyd

Day 5 (July 29)

Look Who We Found! Moments with CAM Members and Friends

Evening Gala Shows

Day 6 (Jul 30)

Stage Contest Concludes

Winners Gala

Awards Ceremony

Here are the results from FISM Quebec 2022

FISM 2025 Revealed


All pictures © FISM Québec 2022 and photographed by François Morisset, Philippe Clavet, Ryan Joyce, Detlev Drenker and Yann Brochu.

Special member photo contributions from Gwyn Auger, Connie Boyd, Mark Hogan, Peter Mennie and George "Kid" Oldman.

Day One (July 25)

All FISM events were held within the Québec City Convention Centre, located in the heart of Quebec City. A short walk from the Convention Centre was dozens of restaurants, Old Quebec, and the famous Chateau Frontenac, the most photographed hotel in the world.

The official start of FISM Quebec 2022 began on Monday, July 25, 2022, and included plenty of time to see the dealer's room, get to know the convention centre, and explore Quebec City. At first, the layout was overwhelming, but everyone had it down by the end of the week.

Large theatre seating capacity for 2200

The stage competition and evening gala shows were held in the largest theatre with over two thousand seats. A few of the evening shows were sold out. The room's energy was a wonderful mix of magicians and non-magician audience, and the sound of two thousand two hundred people gasping was pure joy to hear again.

The smaller close-up theatre held one thousand and presented the FISM close-up contests and special video lectures or presentations. Overflow audiences could watch the live broadcast in one of the lecture rooms.

Small theatre with capacity for one thousand

I thought it was impressive to recognize every stage, room, and theatre was built from the ground up. All events were nearly flawless. The lighting, sound, special effects, and technical team created a stunning backdrop for the best magicians in the world.

Most of the daily activities and lectures happened two floors below, where you’d find the dealer's room, three lecture rooms, McBride Mystery School, banquet hall, jam sessions, and administration. The welcome centre was open all day for magicians to pick up their FISM registration and goodies.

FISM Quebec 2022 Swag

Here is a video of the contents we received from FISM Quebec 2022, which included an impressive 140-page FISM Quebec 2022 Book, deck of cards and water bottle:

I have been to many magician conventions, but this was my first FISM. It was filled with plenty of surprises– the biggest was the evening gala shows that started with a proper welcoming.

Opening Ceremonies Evening Gala

FISM Quebec 2022 kicked off with an opening ceremony and special greetings from FISM Officials, local politicians and organizers Renée-Claude Auclair and Pierre Hamon. The show was a visual spectacle that introduced us to the artistic splendour and eclectic variety we should expect.

The show's tributes to Canadian icons Doug Henning, Gary Ouellet, James Randi and Dai Vernon gave me chills. Actual magician performances were sprace but perfectly woven between outstanding acrobatics, stunts, and the Cirque Du Soleil influence from the show’s Artistic Director, Martin Genest.

The show featured a massive cast of over forty artists and magical performances from Jared Kopf, Miguel Munoz and Dean Gunnarson.

FISM Quebec 2022 starts with a bang. Visually impressive, expressive and magical.

Lectures and Jam Sessions

The ninety-minute performance was followed by a star-studded lecture line-up that included Mario Lopez, Lee Asher and Benardo Sedlacek.

After the evening lectures, it was time to jam. The evening jam sessions were hosted all week by R Paul Wilson and Jason England in an adjacent area to the lecturers. Jam sessions went into the early morning hours.

Mario Lopez kicks off the lecturers at FISM

Canadian Media Represent!

The response to FISM from Canadian media was incredible. Throughout the week, FISM was covered by many Canadian national and provincial Quebec television stations, collecting over one hundred forty newspaper articles, radio interviews, blog posts and television segments.

FISM was featured:

  • CBC

  • Radio Canada

  • TVA

  • TV Quebec

  • Journal De Quebec

I joined Luc Langevin for a magic trick to end the segment for TVA provincial and national.

Day Two (July 26)

The first full day of events at FISM was busy. The morning started in the large theatre at 8am with the stage contest and a selection of morning lectures that included Jay Sankey, Tobias Beckwith, Jim Steinmeyer, and Dani DaOrtiz.

Every day featured a wide range of topics from the over thirty world-acclaimed FISM lecturers. Topics covered the spectrum from tricks, business and history.

Lecturers typically repeated their presentations twice over the six days, so magicians had two opportunities to learn from their favourite magicians.

Lecturers At FISM Quebec 2022

Here is a complete list of the lectures and special presentations:

​Mario Lopez Lee Asher Bernardo Sedlacek Tobias Beckwith Jay Sankey Jim Steinmeyer Dani DaOrtiz Paul Gertner Jeff McBride Alexandra Duvivier

​Greg Frewin

Jared Kopf


Mario Lopez

Julie Eng

Alain Choquette

Jeki Yoo

Michael Ammar

Lisa Menna

Marc De Souza

Miguel Munoz

Brian South

Shawn Farquhar

Larry Hass

Stephane Bourgoin

Paul Gertner


Eric Jones

Miguel Angel Gea

Luis Piedrahita

Luis De Matos

Mike Caveney

ZOOM: Banachek and Arturo Brachetti

Max Maven Presents:

  • Dr Will Houston

  • Luis De Matos

  • David Ben

  • Magic of Christian

  • Connie Boyd

  • Erika Larsen

Stage and Close-Up Contests Begin

Competition is the centrepiece of FISM. Each morning started with the stage contest, followed by an hour break and then the close-up contest. As an alternative to the competitions, magicians could attend any daily lecture series.

We'll save contest rules and requirements for another post, but know that each contest has a separate jury of FISM judges.

Here are the FISM Quebec 2022 judges for close-up and stage.

Stage Jury

  • Juliana Chen (USA)

  • May Closa (Spain)

  • Norbert Ferre (France)

  • Eberhard Riese (Germany)

  • Syliva Schuyer (The Netherlands)

  • Adrian Soler (Venezuela)

  • Soma (Hungary)

  • Priska Walther (Switzerland)

  • Satoru Yamamoto (Japan)

Close Up Jury

  • Peter Din (France)

  • Henry Evans (Argentina)

  • Joshua Jay (USA)

  • Shimpei Katsuragawa (Japan)

  • Christina Nyman (Luxembourg)

  • Douwe Swierstra (The Netherlands)

  • Horret Wu (China)

CAM Founder Joan Caesar stage-managed the close-up contests along with Mike Miller (SAM 2009-10 President)

If you are interested in learning some FISM competition specifics, here is a complete FISM World Championship of Magic Guide.

Impacts of COVID and Travel and Visas

There were a few last-minute cancellations due to COVID or travel. Yann Frisch was scheduled for the opening lecture but cancelled along with Michael Weber, Banachek and Brachetti (flight cancellation and the Chinese Warriors did not get their visas).

Luggage issues also caused a few challenges, including for quick-change artists, Sos & Victoria and Pierric, whose luggage never arrived.

International Evening Gala

The second evening gala show was the “International Gala,” hosted and produced by Greg Frewin. Greg is no stranger to the FISM stage, winning first place in Japan in 1994. In an extraordinary show opening, he dusted off his award-winning competition act just for the FISM audience. It’s an act he hasn’t performed in eight years.

The first few beats of his music caused the crowd to go nuts.

The show featured Luc Langevin, Topas, Xavier Mortimer, Jeki Yoo, and Bond Lee. Quebec’s Luc Langevin presented a mesmerizing theatrical performance that defied physics. Not a levitation– but a magician pushing gravity to its limits. Bravo!

It was an amazing show, followed by late-night lectures and evening jam sessions.

Day 3 (July 27)

The lectures for the day included Greg Frewin, Jared Kopf, Zabrecky, Mario Lopez, Julie Eng, and Alain Choquette. Mike Caveney held a special presentation in the close-up theatre that gave a video walk-through of David Copperfield’s museum and a live zoom interview with David Copperfield.

The dealer room was also open.

Dealers Room

The dealer's room at FISM is where you can find all of the latest magic tricks and equipment, from mentalism tricks to close-up magic props, magician societies, and new magic magazines.

Here is a list of the dealers featured at FISM

808Magic Academy of Magical Arts (AMA) Canadian Association of Magicians Card-Shark Club de Magie de Quebec (CMQ) Conundrum & B Magic FISM Gee Magic GMI Hakan Varol Himitsu Magic Illuminati MAGIC JL Magic Loran Lybrary Magic Artist Magic inc. Magic Square


Master of Magic

Mathieu Bich Michel Huot Magic Products Mohammad Safir Ullah Sikder MS Magic Oct Happy Valley Palmer Magic Penguin Magic Plainsight Replica 4D Riffle Shuffle Society of American Magicians (SAM) Seo Magic Slim Card - Gaffs & Magic Spider The Phantom Hand ThoughtCast Magic Yannick Lacroix Magie Strale Zauberladen

CAM in the Dealers Room

With a big thanks to Mike Segal, the Canadian Association of Magicians was out at FISM on full display! We are thrilled to welcome many new members and have some exciting interviews and guests scheduled for the future!

Be sure and check out our new mugs and t-shirts! Coming soon to the CAM store.

Magic Throughout Quebec City

FISM was not the only magic happening from July 25-30, 2022. At the same time, the Quebec Magic Festival was hosting events and displays for the public throughout Quebec City.

During the week, they dazzled over 70 000 people and scheduled 600 hours of free, live-magic animations and shows.

Magic was everywhere in Quebec City.

Two Canadian Magician Photo Attempts

As you can imagine, it’s difficult to wrangle a small dinner party for a photo, never mind a few hundred Canadian magicians. We made two solid attempts, and here they are:

Shawn Farquhar Closes the Evening Show

The theme of the evening was “The TV Show.” The show featured a live band, two francophone hosts, and performances from Topas, Marc Metral, Shawn Farquhar and Ta Na Manga. Each performance was followed by a short, creative interview segment with the artist. For example, Topas and the male host rode bicycles in front of a green screen.

A few of the acts had music or instrumental theme. Ta Na Manga presented a brilliant close-up routine with a piano that brought the house down, and Topas rocked out with an invisible band. Shawn Farquhar closed the show with his Shape of My Heart routine performed with the live band. Amazing!

The late-night lecturers were Dani DaOrtiz, Bernado Sedlacek, Jeki Yoo, and Luis De Matos hosted an Intimate Conversation with Topas.

Day 4 (July 28)

At FISM 2022, there were several big announcements, one of which was revealed early.

New FISM President Announced

Andrea Baioni is the next FISM President, and Domenico Dante will become an honorary president. All FISM Board members were present in Quebec, including Saturo Yamamoto (Vice-President) and Peter Din (Vice-President).

Visit from the Pope

The Pope happened to also be in Quebec City during the World Championships. Here’s CAM member Marc Hogan’s capture:


The banquet was divided into two groups over two days. The event started with a quick short welcome, followed by a three-course dinner and a complimentary glass of wine. The dessert beautifully displayed the FISM logo dusted into the plate. Pure sugar and 100% delicious.

I imagine you’ll find over one thousand social media photos that look just like this:

Did I mention it was delicious?

I enjoyed dinner with Max Maven, Carissa Hendrix, Erica Larsen, Alexandra Duvivier, Peter Mennie, Scott Hood and Jeph Stohl.

Alain Choquette and John Archer Host The Mysterious Evening Gala

The Pope looking a lot like Michael Ammar

The evening gala show was titled “The Mysterious Gala.” It featured John Archer and Alain Choquette as the hosts and performances by Jaana, Eric Leclerc, Evelyne Paquin-Lanthier and Anne-Marie Godin, Jared Kopf and Ballet Act.

I enjoyed the interaction between our evening gala’s hosts, Alain Choquette and John Archer. The nearly bitter, sometimes nasty, banter might not have been everyone’s cup of tea, but I thought it danced the line boldly. When you take risks, you get rewarded. John Archer delivered one of the funniest lines for the entire convention for me– a direct stab at those ‘international magician awards for sale’ which brought down the house.

Max Maven Presents Connie Boyd

After the gala show concluded was time for lectures and special presentations. Max Maven presented several guests throughout the week, and this evening's guest was Connie Boyd, who shared “How Women Influence Magic.”

Throughout her presentation, Connie Boyd showed her research and discovery of women’s influence in magic as far back as 1400BC. Magicians she covered included: Gay Blackstone, Julianna Chen, Princess Tenko, Ekaterina, and Sittah.

Be sure and check out Connie Boyd’s free exclusive with VANISH Magazine

Day 5 - July 29

The fifth day of FISM saw the conclusion of the close-up competition and a surge in morning lectures from Paul Gertner, Brian South, Bernardo Sedlacek, Stephan Bourgoin, Lisa Menna, Shawn Farquhar, Ekatarina and Jeki Yoo.

Sleep deprivation begins to show at this point in the week, but excitement continues to build with only the stage contest acts remaining.

Look Who We Found! Moments with CAM Members

We were thrilled to see so many CAM members at FISM 2022! Here are a few moments we captured with members:


  • Long-time CAM Member John Buitendyk presents Renee Claude Auclair with a vintage french instruction booklet from Quebec magician Romaine who passed away in 2021.

  • A good friend of CAM, Chip Romero, shared his World of Doug Henning presentation, including actual Doug Henning props shipped for everyone to see.

Evening Gala Shows

The evening show was titled “The Close-Up Gala” and featured Zabrecky as the show’s host. Zabrecky was an absolute delight. He is simultaneously mesmerizing and eerie. You have no idea what he’ll do next.

The show featured performances from Giancarlo Scalia, Paul Gertner, Alexandra Duvivier, Mario Lopez, Eric Jones, Michael Ammar, Pierric and a live band.

Every act was introduced with an original twist. Paul Gernter was revealed as a band member, wearing a fez, and poor Michael Ammar just couldn’t find the stage.

I don’t know if Michael ever made the stage because I had to leave early to be ready for the late-night lectures that included Eric Jones, Miguel Angel Gea, and a friend of CAM, Chip Romero’s World of Doug Henning.

Day 6 - Jul 30

All contests are officially closed.

The stage contest concludes, and the judges have seen every magician perform. Over one hundred competitors from fifty countries were scheduled to participate in stage and closeup at the 2022 World Championship of Magic.

Competitors perform their act only once, but winners perform one more time in another judged performance for FISM's highest honour at the Winners Gala.

Winners Gala

The highly anticipated "Winners Gala" is the audience's chance to see the acts that earned the highest scores. The acts compete for the coveted Grand Prix Championship in this showcase, and no winning details were revealed to the audience. These moments were held for the Awards Ceremony later in the evening.

One of the stand-out moments from the Winners Gala for me was during one of the close-up performances and a technical glitch with the overhead camera. The camera appeared unresponsive, and the audience was getting vocal. Tensions were high until the artist confidently announced, “I will wait,” the room erupted.

We saw ten incredible acts with a brief intermission. After the performance, there was just enough time to grab dinner or catch a lecture. Next up was magic’s biggest night of awards.

Awards Ceremony

At this point in the evening, the audience's excitement was visceral. The Award Ceremony began with short presentations from Renée-Claude Auclair, Pierre Hamon and FISM officials. There was a short speech and ceremonial gesture by outgoing president Domenico Dante who acknowledged and welcomed the new President, Andrew Baioni.

Domenico Dante welcomes new FISM President Andrea Baioni

Stan Allen and Walter Rolfo hosted the evening, introducing each category. Here are competition results and special awards, including a special award to Max Maven.

Here are the results from FISM Quebec 2022


1st Place: (tie) Simon Coronel (USA), Luís Olmedo (Spain)

2nd Place: Jacob Schenström (Sweden)

3rd Place: Mr. Triton (France)


1st Place: Markobi (France)

2nd Place: Pere Rafart (Spain)

3rd Place: Erik Tait (USA)


1st Place: Shoot Ogawa (USA)

2nd Place: (tie) Javi Rufo (Spain), Vincent (Australia)

3rd Place: Jonio (Japan)


CLOSE-UP INVENTION: MARTIN EISELE (Germany), Daniel Mormina (Argentina)


1st Place: Anca & Luca (Austria)

2nd Place: Rob & Emiel (Netherlands)

3rd Place: (tie) Mago Larry (Argentina), Andrea Rizzolini (Italy)


1st Place: Mortenn Christiansen

2nd Place: Ramo & Alegria (Spain)

3rd Place: Marie Helene (France)


1st Place: Yunke (Spain)

2nd Place: Double Mandoble (Belgium)

3rd Place: –


1st Place: Laurent Piron (Belgium)

2nd Place: Ding Yang (China)

3rd Place: Zhu Mingzhu (China)


1st Place: (tie) Artem Shchukin (Russia), Junwoo Park (Korea)

2nd Place: Eden (South Korea)

3rd Place: Francesco Della Bona (Italy)


Ding Yang (China)


HJ (Taiwan)

Ramo & Alegria (Spain)

Zhu Minhzhu (China)








FISM 2025 Revealed

The Awards Ceremony also announced the winning host city for the next FISM.

FISM Member-Societies worldwide voted their choice between China and Italy, revealing that Italy won. Torino, Italy, will host the 2025 FISM World Championship of Magic—the 29th Championships! They shared the marketing video from the Torino team and heard a short speech from the organizers.

Italy wins the bid for FISM 2025

Registrations for FISM Italy 2025 are available now. Visit


Quebec City expanded artistic boundaries by introducing bold ideas and themes. A fresh spark of excitement has rekindled in the minds and hearts of magicians worldwide because of FISM Quebec 2022.

The six-day convention and competition brought together over thousand magicians from fifty countries and featured some of the best magicians worldwide. Simon Coronel and Laurent Piron become FISM Grand Prix Winners in close-up and stage. Coronel presents an impossible linking card miracle, and Piron makes paper come to life on stage. Applause!

Making new friends, catching up with old friends and seeing extraordinary talented magicians did something wonderful to my soul. I know I’m not alone. Canadians should be proud of the historical mark FISM Quebec 2022 contributes and its influence on a new generation.

Hopefully, many of them will be Canadian.

The Canadian Association of Magicians is proud to acknowledge the efforts of our President, Renée-Claude Auclair, Pierre Hamon, the entire FISM Team and over one hundred and fifty volunteers that made FISM Quebec 2022 possible.

This is a week many magicians will never forget– myself included. Share your photos and experiences in the comments below!

If you are interested in competing, the Canadian Association of Magicians is here for your journey in magic. Reach out and connect with us. We’re here to help.

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