Several years ago VANISH ran a series of articles asking if magic clubs were still relevant. The goal was to discover ways in which magic organizations can build a stronger foundation, increase the ever-dwindling numbers and create a future for themselves.

Introducing the NEW CAM 2.0

It is no secret the major magic associations have been losing members. There are several factors including advanced age, people relocating, loss of interest, etc. Many professional magicians stay away from meetings and only show up to lecture and/or perform at conventions. In our original article, we stated that social media has created the largest magic club in the world as younger people moved towards that platform to discuss magic.

There is a good reason why The Magic Cafe has drawn over 100,000 members and has become the largest gathering place for magicians in the world.

The articles we published offered some excellent suggestions from around the world concerning the use of social media and capturing the attention of a younger generation of magicians.

It wasn’t until Covid hit and people went into lockdown that we saw some of these ideas put in place by both the I.B.M. and S.A.M. in the form of free online lectures. As we move forward these lectures are not drawing the numbers they once did, probably because there is now an overabundance of free online magic presentations.

What has evolved from the shutdown is an organization embracing the need to change with the times and to meet magician’s requirements for today and beyond.

What they have achieved in six months is truly remarkable and the launch of their new CAM 2.0 website on October 31st, 2020 is a game-changer. They have encompassed all the new mediums and have retooled from fresh ideas.

CAM's mission and vision statement really show the way forward:

CAM is the Canadian Association of Magicians, founded in 1997 by Joan Caesar as Canada's magic representative for membership to FISM. It was because of CAM and Joan that magician’s from Canada was able to compete at FISM under the Canadian banner.

Like all other magic organizations, they have seen member numbers dwindle over the past few years. However, under the guidance of the new President, Renee-Claude Auclair and her team, the organization is looking towards a very bright, vibrant and magical future, offering something for everybody.

CAM 2.0 was formulated with like-minded people from all parts of Canada, each person has a mutual goal of moving the art of magic forward in a modern way. It will bring magicians together from around the globe by offering an interactive way to share a wide variety of magic and related topics including performances, the business of, a place for assistants to gather, sleight-of-hand discussion areas for stage and close-up, children’s effects, mentalism, illusions and mentorship.

New Features, Tools & Member Benefits

Everyone from the full-time professional to the young person who wants to be a magician will get something out of CAM 2.0 and their innovative organization.

Members will interact in a forum where everybody gets a chance to ask questions and have input which will help shape the organization. As the old saying goes, “What you put in you get back.”

For the past six months, the team has been busy developing a unique website that offers so much, including access to hundreds of videos of performers from the past, a terrific resource.

Performances of modern magi will be added once approval has been obtained.

The magazine for CAM is called “Northern Peeks,” although it is currently offered, the team is working on a brand new ‘concept’ and format which will roll out over the next year.

As a member you have access to daily magic news, stories and more - all without clogging up your emails. This will also be another excellent research tool.

Experts in each field will moderate forums and members can reach out and interact with others as well as those in the know. For instance, if you are looking for information on the virtual world of performing, technical aspects of shows or how to get the best out of filming and what to use then CAM will offer the tools you need to know.

One of the key aspects President Renee-Claude brings to CAM 2.0 is her background as a world champion diver. She was raised in a competitive world where mentorship and having the best tools available helped develop champions. With her background, she introduces something brand new to the realm of magic, a members-only mentorship program with a system in place to assist young people to achieve their dreams.

This fresh approach has not been implemented before, certainly not in North America.

All members will have access to some incredible tools and people who will be ready to help them develop an act that has the potential to be world-class.

And if that is not enough … Included will be sections where members can post upcoming events, share reviews of the latest product, and interact with other topics.

Once people can safely congregate again the board will look into hosting a gathering, not your regular convention but something a bit outside the box, with performance venues. One such venue is already set up giving members who live in that area a place to film virtual shows.

CAM 2.0 embraces diversity

No matter what your background or where you are from you will find CAM has something to offer you. You will be pleased to know that Connie Boyd moderates the forum on Women In Magic bringing amazing stories from women performers around the world.

The team is working diligently, listening to members, building a strong and positive community and rebuilding outside organizational relationships that in the past have often gone off track.

It is amazing to witness the positive vision from this group of people who are taking the concept of ‘a magic organization’ to the next level.

The official launch for CAM 2.0 was October 31st, 2020, you can now head over, join CAM and explore this wonderful organization.

In Your Words

We asked the board to sum up in two or three words their feelings towards CAM 2.0

Renée-Claude Auclair “TEAM SPIRIT.”

Greg Frewin Magic’s Future is HERE.

Kent Wong "Serving Your Goals; Supporting Your Dreams"

Mark Pallin Surround yourself with Competence

Jason Verners

Teamwork; Together

Mike Segal community and experienced education

Luc Langevin

Strong together

Ryan Joyce

Embrace Change

Paul Romhany

Moving the Art of Magic Forward

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