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Glenn West on Creating NEW Magic Effects (Interview)

Have you ever wanted to create your own magic tricks and effects?

Today, we kick off a new monthly interview series for the Canadian Association of Magician Members called Canadian Conjurers.

Our first guest is a magician and creator, Glenn West!

Glenn has created and marketed several effects ranging from his version of torn and restored card to a bill switch.

In this interview:

  • How his father impacted his magic

  • Glenn shares his process for creating original magic effects.

  • How "blank spots" influence Glenn's creativity

  • What social media app helps Glenn keep up-to-date with magic trends

  • What one piece of advice Glenn would give magicians interested in developing their own magic.

  • PLUS, we reveal the secrets of a new video series that Glenn will host for CAM!

You don't want to miss it!

Watch Here:

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