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Unlock Magic's Latest Trends: Jan 2024 Northern Peeks

Explore the January 2024 edition of Northern Peeks for the latest in magic, insights, and more. Download now!

A cover of a magazine showing a women magician with a deck of cards
Download the January 2024 edition of CAM Northern Peeks

What's Inside:

Here's what you'll find in this edition:

  • President's Message: Welcoming the New Year and Celebrating Past Achievements

  • Board Member Spotlight: Introducing the New CAM Board

  • Exclusive Interview with Gabriella Lester: A Rising Star in Magic

  • Tech Tips for Magicians: Working with Technical Crews

  • Tribute to Micky Hades: Remembering a Canadian Magic Legend

  • FISM North American Championship 2024: Your Guide to Participating

  • Upcoming Events and Workshops for Magicians and more!

Sneak Peek

sample pages of the magazine spread out
Members can download now! Click the button below.

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Don't miss the first jam-packed Northern Peeks of 2024!

Click below to download the January 2024 issue of Northern Peeks and dive into the fascinating world of magic today.

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