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*SPECIAL* Northern Peeks September 2023 CAMaraderie Edition

We're pleased to announce that the September 2023 special edition of Northern Peeks is now available for your reading pleasure!

Cover of a magazine for Canadian magicians
September 2023 Northern Peeks SPECIAL EDITON is out now!

Northern Peeks September 2023

This edition is particularly important because it offers an in-depth look at the upcoming CAMaraderie 2023 Convention, which will take place in Quebec City from September 22 to 24.

Our President, Renée-Claude Auclair, shared a comprehensive message outlining the convention's various special guests and features in this edition.

The magazine features international artists from six countries who will be gracing us with their presence at the event. These include notable figures such as Alain Choquette, Yann Frisch, and Xavier Mortimer.

CAM Northern Peeks Sept 2023 Includes:

  • Alain Choquette

  • Yann Frisch

  • Jaana

  • Nikolai Striebel

  • Silly Billy

  • Hector Mancha

  • Philippe Beau

  • Antoine Terrieux & Julien Mandier

  • Ta na manga

  • Xavier Mortimer

  • Dean Gunnerson

  • Luis Olmedo

Additionally, dealers will be present to showcase their latest tricks and products, allowing you to expand your repertoire.

You can read the magazine and find more information about the convention, including how to register, by clicking the link below.

We're looking forward to seeing you in Quebec City this autumn for what promises to be a memorable gathering of talent and skill.

CAM Members read the Northern Peeks September 2023 Edition now:

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