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October Magic Shows & Events

There are so many events for magicians this October we wanted to pass along details! Did we miss something? Share it in the comments below!

This past week we had an incredible CAM JAM featuring ten amazing guests who shared their experiences at FISM Quebec 2022. If you missed it, the session will be published for members next week!

Finally, are you looking for a magic club in your province? Be sure and check out CAM's magic club resource:

Let's take a look at events for magicians this fall!

Upcoming Magic Shows, Events and Lectures:

National Magic Week

October 25 - 31 - Promote and share the art of magic! This is a perfect lead-up for the holiday season! How can you promote magic to your community this week?

OWOW Magic Festival (

  • October 15 - 2 pm: Family Magic Show Matinee (Featuring Magic Mike Segal & Dick Joiner)

  • October 15 - 8 pm: Tricks & Other Mysteries (Featuring Nicholas Wallace & The Sentimentalists)

  • October 22 & 23: Ryan Joyce at the Elora Distilling Company

Toronto Sid Lorraine Hat & Rabbit Club (

  • October 26 - 7 pm: Alain Choquette Lecture

  • November 11 - 8 pm: Joshua Jay Lecture

Jokers - Theatre & Comedy Club (

  • October 21 - 9 pm: Mr. Valentine Blows Your Mind!

  • November 10 - 8:30 pm: Joshua Jay Performance

  • Thursdays at Jokers is Magic Night! Be sure to go out and support!

Browsers Den of Magic (

  • October 21 - 7 pm: WonderPhil Lecture

  • November 20 - 11 am to 5 pm: 47th Anniversary Party

Palace Theatre (

  • November 7 - 7:30 pm: Palace of Mystery (Featuring Corbin, Hosted by Peter Mennie)

Wonder: A Night of Magic at the Greg Frewin Theatre (

Be sure and check out the new show starring Christian Mascia! Get tickets at or by calling our Box Office at 905-356-0777

Did we miss something? Share it below!

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Magic Swap meet in red deer alberta tomorrow with a lecture from Ryan Pilling


You should add to the list Steve Valentine's show on 21st October at Jokers

Ryan Joyce
Ryan Joyce
14 oct. 2022
En réponse à

Thanks Jon! It's there now! Thx


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