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October 2023: 5 Things You Need to Know from CAM

As the leaves transition to a warm palette of autumn hues, the Canadian Association of Magicians is bustling with exciting news and events.

Here are the top five things you need to know as we wave goodbye to October, and dive into the busiest time of year (usually) for us magicians!

October 2023 Updates from CAM

Here are the five things we'll cover

Watch the October 2023 Magician's Update:

1. October's Canadian Conjuror's Chat:

Our monthly interview for October is a treasure trove of insights as we converse with Julie Eng, the Executive Director of Magicana.

Delve into Julie's remarkable journey and Magicana's impact on the magic community, available now for CAM members.

2. A Towering Achievement:

Doug Hunt, who was featured in our Canadian Conjuror's September interview, has made us all look up-- quite literally!

Doug broke the world record by taking 14 steps on a whopping 55-foot stilts.

CAM is very proud of Doug and once again showing us that anything is possible!

3. National Magic Week (October 25-31):

The magic is turning up a notch as we enter National Magic Week. Celebrate the art we all cherish and spread the joy of magic within your communities.

Celebrate by sharing the art of magic this October 25-31st!

4. Penn & Teller Fool Us Season 10:

Our favorite magical duo is back! Season 10 of Penn & Teller Fool Us debuts on October 27 on the CW Network.

It's the perfect opportunity to get inspired, learn a few tricks of the trade, and enjoy the camaraderie of the global magic community.

5. Question of the Month:

Pick one (or answer both) and let us know in the comments!

  • Resource Revelations: We are keen to know what resources CAM can provide to aid your magical journey. Your feedback is important to us. Share them below.

  • Holiday Bookings Buzz: As we emerge from the pandemic cocoon, how are your holiday bookings looking? Is the magic market bustling, or is it still pulling itself out of the hat?

Share Your Thoughts

As always, your engagement fuels the essence of CAM.

We are all about fostering a community where the magic thrives and evolves.

Hit the heart button and share your stories below!

Let’s make the remaining weeks of 2023 magical!


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