(STEP-BY-STEP) How to Host a Virtual Magic Club Meeting with CAM

Updated: Nov 7, 2020

In the era of COVID-19, magic clubs and organizations are scrambling to host virtual meetings. CAM has a simple solution for your next magic club meeting. Here's a step-by-step guide for magic clubs.

How to Host a Virtual Magic Club Meeting with CAM

Step 1. Write a compelling headline for your meeting

Make this sound enticing, focus on one topic. Peak people's interest. The headline is the first and often only thing people will read. Grab attention!


  • "Learn 6 Virtual-Friendly Magic Tricks"

  • "Special Lecture! Guest Name Presents Lecture Title"

  • "How to structure your virtual magic show"

Step 2. Write a short description

Tell your members in one or two sentences what the event is about. Write using an inviting, conversational tone that speaks directly to your members in plain language. Tell them why they should attend. Always end the description with a call-to-action


"Our November meeting is all about getting started with performing virtual magic shows. You'll learn all the essentials, tools, software and tips for increasing engagement. If you are already performing virtually, you'll learn six tips for taking your virtual shows to the next level. Join us on DATE at TIME!"

Step 3. Create meeting graphic

Here's a Canva template you can use to get you started:

CREATE YOUR EVENT GRAPHIC HERE 👉 Canva Virtual Meeting Template (free)

How to save and export your selected graphic:

Create a graphic for your event and save it as a Small file sized JPG Image. Choose the page you wish to export and press Done!

Step 4. Create a virtual meeting

There are various ways to create virtual meetings, both free and paid services are available like ZOOM Meetings and Google Meet.

How to Create a ZOOM Meeting (requires paid plan)

  1. Open ZOOM Meetings

  2. Choose Schedule

  3. Set your Meeting Details

  4. Copy the meeting URL

How to Create a Google Meeting (free)

  1. Visit meet.google.com

  2. Click "Join or start a meeting"

  3. Give the meeting a short but helpful name (you can't use any special characters like #@*!)

  4. Copy the meeting URL

Step 5. Log into your magic club's page on Cammagic.org

You can quickly find any magic club by visiting this page:


Step 6. Click Edit Details

Step 7. Add this month's virtual meeting details

Here's a close-up, you can see how easy it is to host your monthly virtual magic club meetings with CAM

You'll then have this user-friendly page you can share with your members. CAM is trying to make it easier for you to connect with members.

Here's a sample of the shareable page you can send members for your virtual meetings and events.

Tips for hosting better virtual magic club meetings

  • Keep meeting times under 1hr

  • Remind members they can quickly unmute themselves by pressing and holding the space-bar

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