(BLOG) Step 2: This ONE thing is MORE important than your blog's image.

Updated: Sep 15, 2020

Everyone knows it's essential to have an eye-catching image in your content but there is something even more important! Read here. (NOTE: This text is H2)

The above is called the except and once you've written a short attention-grabbing sentence or two, we'll use it again in the blog settings later. Ideally, excerpts are short, 140 characters. One or two sentences. End with a call-to-action, ie "Listen Here", "Watch Here", "Read Here" (Note: This is paragraph text)

The excerpt should NOT answer the question or statement in the headline, but instead, entice the user to click or read further.

The headline is the most important part of any blog post. You must capture their attention!! (NOTE: This text is H1)

Keep the blog posts easy to read by writing small digestible chunks. Make sure to use proper formatting structure.

Write like you are talking to a friend.

When writing your blog post, here is the order of importance:

  1. Headline

  2. Thumbnail

  3. Excerpt

  4. Content

Conclusion: Grab their attention, create great content and focus on the magician's experience.

They aren't going to read a great piece of content if you don't capture their attention. Write a good headline, create a good thumbnail, write an attention-grabbing excerpt with call to action. Use proper formatting structure. Focus on the user's experience and providing value or intrigue to them.

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