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Are you a creative magician?

Do you have the next big effect in magic?

This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for a creative magician who knows they have the next big magic effect and just need a little feedback and industry connections


The Canadian Association of Magicians and Murphy's Magic Supplies, Inc are excited to share an industry-wide contest and worldwide search for original magic.

  • Polish and refine your effect with the best minds in the industry

  • Earn industry standard rates

  • Produce with leading industry professionals

  • Earn bragging rights in a worldwide search for new magic
  • Priceless industry exposure and extras

CAM and Murphy's are on a global quest for fresh talent and all-new original artists in magic.


Who should sign up for this contest?

Any creative magician worldwide!  All countries welcome

✔ Membership to a magician organization is not required

✔ You are not required to disclose method upon contest entry, but you must have a consistent working method

✔ Must be 18 years of age to enter

✔ There is no entry fee

✔ You must sign-up below

Who should avoid signing up this contest?


This is an amazing opportunity BUT it's not for every magician.  Creativity, originality, marketability and a desire to succeed are key


Here are some other important considerations:


Please understand if you are chosen as a qualifier, you'll eventually be asked to share your method with a panel of well-known industry professionals.  To protect your ideas and our committee, everyone will be asked to sign the necessary agreements.  We want to provide a secure and confidential opportunity for you to receive feedback.  If these terms aren't acceptable, please don't sign up.

Also, very important:  Our committee of industry professionals will present the selected qualifiers with their honest feedback and most helpful suggestions.  Please be open-minded and willing to accept constructive criticism. Their ideas are offered to help craft the absolute best effect possible.  If these terms aren't acceptable, kindly don't sign up.

Lastly, you should know we use the words please and thank you a lot.  We're Canadian.  We'll always be kind, courteous and polite to you, and we kindly ask the same.  If these terms aren't acceptable, please don't sign up. 



Oh-- there is one last super important thing you must know...

We'll be communicating with you (the next generation of magic) via email.  Be sure to check your spam filter.  That's a trap Houdini couldn't escape.  See you in email.  Sign up below.

We welcome YOU, magic's future!! 

Contest is OPEN!


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