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Learn these 8 AMAZING Magic Tricks!

Here's What You'll Learn:

​Here's what you'll discover in this 30 minute magic instruction video!

  1. Pencil Through Dollar Note

  2. Coin in Bottle with No Gimmicks

  3. Moving Finger Ring Mystery

  4. Travelling Coins

  5. Card Warp

  6. Ring on String

  7. Travelling Paper Balls

  8. Rising Pencil

Find Your Local Magic Community


Ready to join the ranks of up-and-coming illusionists? Dive deeper into the mesmerizing world of magic by joining a local magic club.


Meet other like-minded magicians!


A local magic clubs are perfect for budding performers like you to learn, share, and collaborate.

Click here for a list of magic clubs across Canada.

Turn your aspirations into standing ovations.


Let the show begin! 🎭

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