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Introducing: Canadian Conjurors: Video Podcast by CAM

Join the conversation with a new Canadian magician each month!

Introducing a new interview video podcast series for CAM Members, starting next week!

"Canadian Conjurors: A Podcast by CAM" is a monthly video podcast for CAM Members that aims to cover a wide variety of topics for magicians.

Podcast features:

  • Exclusive interviews with top Canadian magicians: Each month, the podcast will feature an in-depth interview with one of Canada's top magicians, offering listeners a unique insight into their career, creative process, and performance style.

  • A platform to showcase Canadian talent: By featuring Canadian magicians, the podcast provides a platform to showcase the incredible talent in Canada's magic community, helping to raise their profile and promote their work.

  • Accessible to CAM members: The podcast is available for CAM members and magicians interested in learning more about the world of magic, regardless of their level of experience or expertise.

  • Connect with the CAM community: The podcast is produced by the Canadian Association of Magicians, providing listeners with an opportunity to connect with other magic enthusiasts and become part of a wider community of magicians across Canada.

  • 15-20 minute video interviews

  • Hosted by Ryan Joyce

Coming in April 2023! Join us for our first episode.


Let Us Know

Hit the ❤️ and let us know in the comments what Canadian magician you want to be featured!


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