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Magicians: Before the clock strikes...

The clock is ticking down to the New Year!!!

Magician friends, as you gear up for the 2023 celebrations, we have just one question to ask you before the year ends...

2022 is almost over!

The year is rounding down, and the Canadian Association of Magicians hopes you've had a wonderful 2022! It's been a historic year for Canadian magicians.

We've seen the return of live shows and events, and hopefully, things will get even better next year! As we approach 2023-- we are curious about your goals and priorities in the new year.

Are you interested in learning more tricks? Growing your magician business? Connecting with other like-minded magicians?

Vote below, and we'll share the results... next year. 😂

What is your top priority in 2023?

Magicians: What Is Your Top Priority in 2023

  • I want to learn new tricks, sleights and methods

  • I want to build a magic show and start performing

  • I want to strengthen my show and earn more from magic

  • I want to connect with other magicians

Let us know your 2023 priorities in the comments below!


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