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This next CAM JAM is going to be INCREDIBLE!!! DETAILS ANNOUNCED....

We have SUPER EXCITING NEWS to share with YOU!!!

The CAM Executive Team has been overwhelmed with the fantastic response you've shared from this year's CAM JAM events! As we understand it, last month's event was a HOME RUN!!! WAHOO!!!! PSSSST!!! Our little secret, the response was SOOOOO good we are working on PART TWO for the fall!!!

Now, let's talk about May!!

A few weeks ago, when the team was brainstorming our DREAM LIST of future topics and guest magicians, these two guests were at the TOP OF OUR LIST!!! We never dreamt in a million years how PERFECTLY it would come together for this month!!!

This is going to be an incredible event!! You DON'T WANT TO MISS IT!

Remember, CAM JAM's are free for all magicians! Membership is not required*

Here are the MAY 2021 CAM JAM Details!

Canadian Association of Magicians CAM JAM is Wednesday, May 12th at 8pm and will feature the incredible Paul Draper & Jeff McBride!!!

Join us for a conversation about taking your virtual magic to the NEXT LEVEL!!!

RSVP Now for MAY 2021 CAM JAM

featuring Paul Draper & Jeff McBride

Wednesday, May 12 at 8 PM EST

Add to your calendar:


*We sure do hope you'll consider joining CAM, eh!!! We welcome magicians from all over the world to become proud CAM Members!! 🍁♥🌍

What questions do you want to ask these two incredible magicians?

Let us know your questions in the comments!

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Mystic Sharma
Mystic Sharma
May 10, 2021

This question is for Jeff McBride

I had attended your mystery school in 2005 and yourself, Eugene Burger and Lance Burton helped me with my routine and gave me tips on booking clients etc for which I am forever grateful. Are you planning to have a full mystery school virtually with Q&A anytime soon?

Ryan Joyce
Ryan Joyce
May 11, 2021
Replying to

Thanks for the question!


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