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5 Important CAM Updates: September 2023

This has been a busy month!! Let's dive into the top 5 updates for the Canadian Association of Magicians in September 2023.

Here are 5 Important Updates for September 2023

  1. We say a heartfelt thank you to Renee-Claude Auclair as she steps down as CAM's President and we reveal the new CAM board

  2. Pictures from this month's CAMaraderie Convention and Le Festival De Magie!

  3. Insightful interview with Doug Hunt about how magicians can earn media attention.

  4. Canadian Magic Club? We need to chat.

  5. PLUS, the magic question of the month

Watch the September 2023 Update

Let's take a look at the 5 most essential news and updates for September 2023


1) Special THANKS & Announcing the New CAM Board

First off, a standing ovation for Renee-Claude Auclair.

She's been our guiding star for the past three years as CAM President. Under her leadership, Canadian magicians have had some genuinely transformative moments.

Most notably, she and her partner Pierre brought the FISM World Championships of Magic to our side of the world. A first in the 77-year history of FISM.


She's not immediately going anywhere while stepping down from the presidential role. Renee will continue to sprinkle her wisdom on the board.

We are indebted to her contributions to magic in Canada.

As for me, Ryan Joyce, I've been handed the presidential baton and recognize that Renee has set the bar sky-high. I'm honoured to serve you, our valued CAM members, along with this new board.

The 2023-2024 CAM Board of Directors

Here is the new CAM Board:




  • PAST PRESIDENT: Renee-Claude Auclair

  • BOARD MEMBERS: Mike Segal, Kent Wong, Paul Romhany, Mike Norden, Greg Frewin, Renee-Claude Auclair, Peter Mennie


2) CAMaraderie Magic Convention:

This month, Quebec was buzzing with magic, thanks to the Le Festival De Magie and CAMaraderie Magic Convention.

Held alongside Le Festival De Magie, organized by the dynamic duo Renee-Claude and Pierre, this year's convention was nothing short of spectacular.

The line-up?

Look at these incredible artists, and don't forget to check out last month's Northern Peeks CAMaraderie feature and my interview with Renee-Claude and Alain Choquette.

  • Alain Choquette, Quebec

  • Yann Frisch, France

  • Philippe Beau, France

  • Hector Mancha, Spain

  • Xavier Mortimer, USA

  • Luis Olmedo, Spain

  • Ta Na Manga, Portugal

  • Jaana, Germany

  • Nikolai Striebel, Germany

  • David Kay, USA

  • Dean Gunnarson, Canada

  • Antoine Terrieux et Julien Mandier

The world-class talent featured at this year's convention would make anyone's jaw drop.

Check out these captures from Quebec City:


3) Canadian Conjurors Interview with Doug Hunt:

This month, we spotlight Doug "The Great" Hunt on Canadian Conjurors.

Doug is gearing up to reclaim his world record for the tallest stilts in Brantford, Ontario, on October 21.

Here's a sneak peek:

Doug's your guy if you want to make headlines and grab the media's attention. In this interview, he spills the beans on how magicians can leverage publicity.


4) Calling All Magic Clubs:

Magic Clubs of Canada, we want to chat! No, not about the weather or the latest Netflix show. We're talking about magic, of course!

We're seeing many magic clubs struggling with membership, and CAM aims to amplify the art of magic in local communities and do what we can to help boost club memberships.

If your magic club is facing challenges, let's brainstorm solutions together.

Share this post with your magic club leadership. If that's YOU, please check out this page:


5) Question of the Month:

Alright, fellow magicians, it's sharing time. What's that one trick you've always dreamt of performing but never added to your show?

For me, it's the classic, the cups and balls.

Drop your answers in the comments.

And if you're up for a jam session about the cups and balls in October, give me a shout-out below.


Next month is big!

Phew! That's a wrap for September.

But hold onto your hats because October promises to be a whirlwind of magical adventures. Stay tuned! 🎩✨


What to do next?

P.S. Remember, magic isn't just about tricks. It's about the stories we tell and the connections we make. Until next time!

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4 kommentarer

Ryan Pilling
Ryan Pilling
27 sep. 2023

Thanks for the update! Answer of the month: Miser's Dream. I've had the bucket and the coins for many years, but never found the nerve to start plucking coins from the ether.

Ryan Joyce
Ryan Joyce
27 sep. 2023

Ohhhh yes! Great trick!!! Seeing Jeff McBride perform Miser's was a huge inspiration! Thanks for sharing!


Patrick Jobin
Patrick Jobin
27 sep. 2023

Thank you for doing this Ryan

Ryan Joyce
Ryan Joyce
27 sep. 2023

Thanks for your comment Patrick. Feedback and ideas are welcome!


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